Real Estate ERP

Build Vision ERP for Real Estate helps to define complete project in structured manner for Professional Management. Build Vision facilitates in digitizing the complete process of Real Estate Industry.


  • Robust Solutions for Engineering, Construction, Contracting and Real Estate (ECCR) Industry

  • Swiftest implementation programs.

  • Efficiently manage Material, Labour, Sub-Contractors and Operations (MLSO)

  • INTEGRATE Departments, OPTIMIZE Time and Cost, Maximize GAIN

  • In-depth, layered architecture to capture complete data without duplication

  • Intelligent reports generated using business analytics tool.

Modules of Build Vision ERP

Build Vision is Fully Integrated with Tally
Be it the first Phone Call, Email, Site Visit, all information relating to a prospective customer is maintained in Build-vision to give continuity to customer handling across various sales persons.The prospect database is useful for profiling customers and using in launch of subsequent projects.
Various steps in the sales process starting from Booking, Allotment, Transfer, DemandNotice, Collection and Recovery Process, Pre Possession, Handover are handled smoothly through Build-vision. A detailed Customer History is maintained and available at the press of a key.
Generation of Indents from Material Requirement Planning, Preparation of Purchase Order, Procurement, Maintenance of Supplier Directory can be expedited through Build vision. Alerts and Escalations are build into system to speed up procurement processes and do a follow-up till material is delivered. Availability of Stocks at all Sites-Stock can be rapidly analyzed through Build vision and redeployed from one site to another for efficient stock.
The procurement module helps in creation of PO's and tracking of Material Purchased from suppliers. Analysis of indents received to optimize the purchase of material and goods, Creation of appropriate stores by material, by site, by company, etc. Creation and Issue of Purchase Orders , Handling of appropriate taxes and compliance, Receiving of Goods and management of Inventory, Quotation Management - RFQ/RFI process with tracking of various material information and pricing, Handling specialized ROPO (Rate Only Purchase Order), Managing Suppliers and tracking top suppliers by Value, Quality and Defect rates.
Bill is directly related to their Measurement Book and relates to their payment so all the pain of managing large projects is taken away and day to day billing is made quick and easy. HR & Payroll (Under Development) : The Human Resource module captures all employee related data illuminating the need for a physical HR file for each employee. Create Profile and role of employees, Manage all key data elements of employee including statutory requirements of PAN, Permanent Address, Insurance, etc. Full integrated into Payroll module with e-Payslip facility which automatically links to inbox of employee online with history, Auto creation of Group - Ledger - COA as mapped in rules setup during configuration, All Tax filing compliances including eTDS, Service Tax VAT, etc. Tax Master for easy configuration of new taxes and rules as and when they come. 100% integrated to Tally.
The Business development module essentially captures the starting of the core development process. Create property Info and capture Land details, Land Agents and Payment details of Land Owner, Tenant Management.
The Legal module helps the legal team in maintaining and managing legal templates and documents in addition to any court cases that are on-going. Review and Attach Legal documents like Sale Deeds, Contracts, etc. Court Case management - Enter and update Court case Hearing Dates, alerts, etc. Manage Lawyers and Solicitor information.
The liaison module helps in assisting the Liaison team to manage sanctions and approvals in an orderly manner while working with Govt. Agencies, Review and Attach Sanction Details to Properties, Land, etc. Enter documentation templates and letters required for Standard NOCs, Clearances, Enter Payment information related to each clearance and sanction
The Rental and Leasing module allows the user to manage owned and tenanted properties that are put on Long Term Leases or short term rentals, Create and Release Rental / Lease Stock, Tenant definition and creation, Owner definition and Creation.
Identify Property, Manage Tenants & their Payment for re-development process. Property Management: The property management module enables the user to perform all the key functions in managing the asset including revenue and expenditure. Creation of Management stock and Owners/Tenants Database, Creation of Budgets for Expenditure under various heads - Housekeeping, Security, Insurance, etc. Issue and Management of Work Orders to sub-contractors for various works, Reminders and Alerts of Renewals of key items like preventive maintenance schedules, insurance, etc. Purchase and stores for Consumable materials, Invoicing and collection of CAMS (Common Area Maintenance), Creation of schedule of maintenance and activities.
Its said that people work based on how they are measured. Pending based on different department, activities, stages and project. Pending task management shows, where how much task is pending in the organization and keeps no room for mis-communication in enterprise. This empowers human resource to serve the company at best of their abilities.
Manage all company assets, Track of all assets by site wise on easy click
Manage Brokers, Keep Track of Commissions and broker.

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