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Web based application development refers to the implementation of software that can be accessed with a platform independent web-browser as the singular application interface, and encompasses both Business-to-Business (B2B), and Business-to-Customer (B2C) solutions. Web enabled software can be globally accessible (internet) or locally deployed (intranet). Infortronics Integrators (I) Pvt. Ltd is a leading professional website design and development company in India. Our expertise and experience with web enabled software development spans multiple technologies and verticals and helps us deliver quality offshore web site development services. Since our inception, our emphasis has always been towards the development of software that can be deployed on the internet. Simultaneously, we were expanding our horizons and delivering a diverse range of B2C solutions for our offshore clients. Gradually, our growing expertise with web enabled solutions led us to partner with established software development companies in the US and Europe to continually develop and enhance business-critical enterprise-scale applications.

Solution Categories

Web based application development is our forte. Over the years we have successfully delivered (and continue to deliver) a wide range of offshore web site application development services for a wide range of overseas customers.

These Includes

Large sized and Enterprise-Level web enabled business applications (B2B) such as Lease Management System, Human Resources Management System, amongst others. Applications on this scale may utilize dedicated staff members, using our FTE Engagement Models. Typically, the requirements for a large sized web site application development project exceeds 8000 man hours of work, inclusive of consulting, analyses, documentation, programming, quality testing and deployment. Web application development catering individualistic amdorganization specific requirements of mid-to-large sized companies. Software development at this scale can be open-ended (involving continual product enhancements) or at a Fixed Duration/Cost. Internet based B2C applications such as customized e-commerce websites, commercial portals, Flash powered applications and the like. Most B2C applications are developed and deployed within a fixed duration and cost. Some examples of web enabled applications delivered by us in this category include Loyalty Points.